Know How To Get USA Green Card- Step By Step Procedure

USA Green Card

Are you looking for a dual citizenship and would like to stay in USA without any fear? Well, this is very complex as there are lots of rules and regulations you will need to come across with. Which will surely break your motive. No matter who you are and from where you belong. Getting USA green card won’t be easier to get and you will need to submit. A lot of documents and will need to pass the tests, which is quite time consuming and irritating.

Having a green card of USA means, you can expect to have a permanent residence status, gives you the ability to live and work in the United States without any fail. You can live, move, roam, work and do anything else freely and legally. However, it is something must to be noticed. Stepping up a great step toward becoming a U.S citizen means you will need to complete. All the formalities to obtain the green card and this is something you must know in advance.

How To Get USA Green Card

Don’t know how to get usa green card? Well, this is something you must know so that you can apply for a green card in order to live peacefully. You must know that the process may take a long time as there are lots of things to be involved. And your all the documents will be checked and verified, but the reward is great.

So, if you want to obtain a US green card, it is very important to look forward to go with the step by step. Which begins with knowing your eligibility category. It is important as the US law has set the same and if you fall under that category. You can proceed further. Also, you will need to determine on how you will get the card, whether through family, through job, or if you are in the refugee green card category.

Once you are done with the same, you better want to file your petition. And don’t forget checking your visa availability. Moreover, you will need to finish all the processes – get your biometrics done, go for interview. And finally you will need to wait for the approval of the green card. This is what you will need to perform and if everything gets corrected. You will get a green card in your first attempt. But, it is not so easy and if you want quick service or. If you have the shortage of documents, you better connect with the experts.

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